More than a Group

JCARRION is made up of companies with the aim of providing global services in the field of transport and logistics, and all complementary services needed by the road hauliers.


It is a solution provider in its broadest sense. JCARRION provides professionals with all resources related to transport of goods, logistics, warehousing, supply and maintenance of industrial vehicles, and a number of services needed to carry out the logistics activity.


The activities are designed to complement and coordinate all its services. This allows to maximize customer satisfaction.

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Know our history
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    Fruit and vegetable
    The transport of fruit and vegetable is a delicate process, complex to perform with guarantees and security.
  • Fresh produce
    We are the ideal partner for your commercial activity if you want to transport perishable or refrigerated goods or other kinds of food.
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    Controlled temperature
    Our experience and our strong presence in the production areas have made us specialists in temperature sensitive products.
  • At your service
    In addition to refuelling, we offer you a rest area with all facilities.