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At JCARRION we are specialists in the operation of temperature-controlled products, sensitive merchandise and in fast or express, complex and customised transport operations, such as promotions or the organisation of events.

Frutas y Verduras
Fruits and vegetables

40 years keeping fruits and vegetable fresh.

We have been living with fruit and vegetable products for many years, understanding their particularities and needs, being close to the producers. We know that it is essential to calculate and maintain the ideal temperature, the percentage of humidity and the appropriate level of ventilation during loading and unloading, storage, preparation, handling and transport processes.

Perecederos y congelados
Perishable food and frozen products

From Morocco to North Cape in perfect condition.

We apply the expertise we have acquired over the years to other perishable foods and frozen products. Each type of goods requires a particular treatment throughout the process, with critical points that must be constantly monitored. The objective is to keep the cold chain and food safety intact in each and every one of the stages.

Alimentación seca y bebidas
Beverages and dry foods

Taste, smell and shape…intact.

Specific conservation conditions must be used for certain beverages and dry foods. Wine, for example, needs very specific environmental conditions to preserve all its aroma and taste. On the other hand, dry food needs to maintain humidity levels to prevent product degradation due to excessive humidity or lack of hydration.

Productos farmaceúticos

Health first.

Pharmaceutical operations need to apply quality standards to maintain integrity and safety throughout the supply chain. In order to meet these requirements, we have vehicles prepared for dangerous goods transport and equipped with thermographs to measure the temperature, ensuring their traceability.


The best technology in security.

We have extensive experience in transport, management and storage of computer equipment, tablets or mobile phones, state-of-the-art cameras, image and sound devices, very sensitive items in logistics operations. Our priority is the correct distribution and conditioning of the load, so that these equipment and devices can arrive without any incident, such as vibrations or impacts.

Cosmética y perfumería
Cosmectics and perfumery

Because every client is unique.

Operations in the cosmetics, hygiene and beauty industry are often linked to logistics solutions for promotional actions, launching of new products and trade fairs. In order to meet our clients’ individual needs, we created specific freights adapted to this type of products to get customer satisfaction. They are valuable goods which need optimal conditions of conservation.


In the right place, at the right time.

We are familiar with the needs of a parcel operator, the flexibility needed to meet the clients’ requirements and the required quick reaction to unforeseen events. It is essential to monitor every stage and keep track at all times for a perfect coordination and synchronization, so that the package can reach its destination just in time.