The experience
of an established company

 JCARRION is a company focused on refrigerated transport born in 1980 to meet the increasing need to export fresh produce from the South of Spain.

At first, all activities were focused on road transport. Since then, and thanks to a constant growth, other activities were added:  logistic services and a service station for professionals.

Our background

These are the milestones of JCARRION.

  • 1980
    Transportes JCARRION is born. It is initially dedicated to road transport and export of fresh produce to European markets.
  • 1999
    JCARRION also opens an operation centre in order to develop their consolidation.
  • 2003
    JCARRION creates a logistics unit to satisfy the demand for this complementary service. Almetir is also founded as a service area designed for transport professionals.
  • 2009
    Carrión Expedition is founded in Cluj Napoca, Romania, with a focus on international transport.
  • 2013
    A new sales office in Dortmund, Germany, is established as part of the international expansion of JCARRION.
  • 2014
    Refurbishment of the JCARRION logistic centre in Huelva (with temperature-controlled warehouse) and Murcia (sales office).
  • 2015
    Setting up of JCARRION Centres in Lerida (logistics centre with temperature-controlled warehouse), Valencia (sales office) and Navarra (sales office).
  • 2016
    Setting up of a JCARRION sales office in Cadiz and of an operation centre in Zweibrücken, Germany. Besides, Carrión Expedition expands its activities with the local offices in Bucharest, Arad and Galati.