Logistics service

We have the appropriate facilities to provide storage, logistics and distribution services.

Products are received and managed permanently in our warehouses. They are kept in optimum conditions, handled, selected, assigned and prepared to reach their final destination on time and with their original quality.

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Unload, load, control, verification, placement and displacement during collections and shipping by means of radiofrequency data transmission system
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Cross-docking through goods deconsolidation and fast consolidation of products ready to be transported, which means savings in time and cost.
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Storage of conventional and temperature controlled goods. Dry, refrigerated and frozen product. Positive / negative temperature.
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Preparation of all types of goods according to the agreed specifications. We cover these needs through "picking" selection by unit, batch or pallets.
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Our warehouse management system (SGA) through radiofrequency allows us to have stock information and changes in real time, which guarantees traceability.
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In order to completely control the goods, we offer a management and control system for general and cyclical inventories (FIFO management, FEFO, batch, expiration date ...)
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Comprehensive management of national and international transport documents (CMR, delivery notes, bills of lading...), as well as electronic data interchange.
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We have infrastructures

designed to offer the different alternatives required by each product

The following are the benefits of our logistics services

Integrating storage, specialized workforce, equipment and transport saves costs in the logistics operation.
Our facilities are equipped with surveillance systems and security personnel.
A single contact person dedicated to the whole logistics operation, from its origin to its final destination, in the language of each client.
We make sure to meet the requirements regarding the safety, quality and product traceability from the origin.
Our advanced warehouses management with radio frequency allows us to regularly access the information.

Additional control services

We offer the possibility to control the operation during all its phases, so that our clients don’t have to worry about anything and offer their best service.

Nuestro control de calidad garantiza la conservación del producto
Examinamos el producto durante todo el proceso, desde la recogida hasta la entrega
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Nuestro control de calidad garantiza la entrega del producto en perfectas condiciones

Quality assurance

Quality assurance of perishable product lets you assess the goods according to previously agreed parameters (temperature, appearance, size, etc.), in our own consolidation platforms.

It allows greater transparency in trade relations, providing you with the necessary security when addressing possible conflicts with the goods.

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Stock control in transit

It allows you to know the stock in transit in a precise moment, so that you can plan and make changes according to new requirements before arriving at destination.

Thus we can make last-minute changes in unforeseen situations.

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Garantizamos la trazabilidad de la temperatura
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Traceability control

In order to maintain the cold chain, it is important to ensure the temperature traceability in all operating processes. Our thermographs control the temperature during collection, at source storage location, during consolidation and/or loading in the long distance transport vehicle and at destination storage location, among others. We monitor the temperature from the source to the destination.

Our facilities in Europe

In order to carry out our operations and to offer a wide range of services, we have the best infrastructures to meet the highest requirements.

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