We manage a large fleet of 1,450 Volvo tractor units and 1,700 semitrailers, in addition to the support of usual collaborators.

A large fleet allows us to have availability for any requested service and to give a quick response when a shipment is ordered, even if it is urgent. It also gives us the flexibility to react quickly to time or route changes or to any other needs.

Likewise, it is much easier to control the delivery deadlines and the traceability of the shipment, both for us and for the client. We can locate the goods at any time, know where they are on the route, know and correct any unexpected occurrence in the schedule or in the route.

Finally, it allows us to promote stable jobs and have the commitment of our drivers.

Uno de nuestros recursos más importantes es nuestra flota, compuesta por 1.450 tractoras Volvo y 1.700 semirremolques

Staff available,
24 hours a day

We have qualified staff available 24 hours a day, direct communication with a single contact person who provides services in the clients’ own language, ensures our commitment is fulfilled, helps to take care of the product and ensures it arrives on time.

Our team,
passion and commitment.

The driving force behind JCARRION project is the people. Our staff is fully aware of the importance of its job and of the value it brings to our clients.

In a very competitive, dynamic and complex business environment, our advantage lies in the training, dedication, specialization and commitment of our team, enhancing their personal and professional skills.

Nuestro personal es el verdadero motor del proyecto JCarrion